job_011712a: Mid-level ME, OXO (New York)

From: Kristin Burns <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 08:01:00 -0800


OXO, a NYC based housewares company, is seeking a Mechanical Engineer
to join our team. Candidate must have a good working knowledge of
plastic materials, injection molding, sheet metal, and die-casting.
Skills must include intermediate level Solidworks or ProE. Applicants
experienced in dealing with Asian factories are preferred.

A degree in Mechanical Engineering is required for this position.
This is not an Industrial Design job.

The candidate should have excellent problem solving skills and be
able to communicate their ideas clearly through sketches and email.
The ability to work well as part of a larger team is essential. A
minimum of 4 years experience in a relevant field and a US working
visa are required Resumes should be submitted in PDF format for
review. Please send any documentation of previous projects that best
show your suitability for this position.

Specific Skills
* Mechanical engineering degree or related engineering degree
* Strong working knowledge of plastic materials, injection molding,
sheet metal, and die-casting
* Intermediate SolidWorks or Pro/Engineer skills
* Excellent problem solving skills
* Excellent communication skills
* Experience working with cross-functional teams

Desired Skills
* Experience dealing with Asian factories
* Experience with liquid sealing applications such as storage
containers, water bottles etc.

Resumes and portfolio should be submitted in PDF format to
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